Razor Barbed Wire

Single Coil Razor Barbed Wire
Material: hot -dip galvanized sheet andwire or Stainless steel sheet and wire (ALSI 430 and ALSI 304)
Cross Type Razor Barbed Wire
Package: Inner proof paper, outsideweave bag ( or as customer’ need ) Note: The length and the diameter of thecoil can be designed according to be the customer’s need
Flat Wrap Razor Barbed Wire
Flat Wrap Razor Wire is fabricated using Single Strand Razor Wire which is then clipped to create flat sheets. Much neater than Concertina Razor Wire, Flat Wrap Razor Wire is the preffered choice for installations where a neat appearance is required
Welded Razor Barbed Wire
weld the razor barbed wire into diamond mesh or square mesh. The sharp razor barbed wire netting is really a stark remark that you cant climb across it. You cant grasp nor climb from the fence. It has a beautiful look but the effect of threating and block
Razor Wire Machine & Accessories
Razor Wire Machine & Installation Accessories